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Rent Property in Mauritius, 5 things to seriously consider:


  1. Where do you work?

The capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, is a bustling city of mixed cultures and is not short of things to see, however if one has ever had to endure the chaotic peak hour traffic then you may think twice about living on one side of the city and working on the other side. If at all possible try and avoid finding a property in the North Mauritius if you know you are going to be working South of Port Louis. Like wise the opposite applies.

2.   Where do your children go to school?

Although there are quite a few international and private school in Mauritius, most of them are found in the North of Mauritius. Property that expatriates generally go for are within 10 minutes drive of the schools. Mauritius, although rapidly developing year by year, still has a basic road network and at peak times they can be quite stressful, why make your life more complicated by choosing a property more than 20 minutes away in Mauritius?

 3. Where will you do most of your shopping?

Until recently Mauritius didn’t really have any shopping malls to boast of, however there have been a few that have sprung up in recent years, it is advisable to find a Property in Mauritius that isn’t too far from one of these malls.

 4. Where are the main social venues or where will most of your new friends be living?

Generally expatriates tend to live in near to each other, if not only for social reasons but maybe because their children also want to be close. It’s a good idea to investigate where your colleagues or friends stay to avoid having to make long trips to those Sunday BBQs or quick nip to the local pub.

 5. On the Beach or not?

Most people imagine all property in Mauritius resembling somewhat of a idyllic postcard. There is something special about staying on the beach in Mauritius but it’s not always worth it. Firstly you are going to pay 40-70% more in terms of rental compared with the same house not on the beach. Secondly the beaches, at least up to the high water mark and edge of your property are public, there is nothing to stop people from having a full blown party in front of your house. Thirdly, beach property in Mauritius quite often doesn’t have a wall separating the property from the beach, this makes it hard to contain dogs and can sometimes be a safety concern.

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