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Home Owners & Landlords


Acheiving a sale is not always as simple as it sounds, many questions spring to mind….what price should we list at? where to advertise? should we renovate first? should we negotiate? where will we find a buyer? but probably the most important question you should be asking is which Estate Agent should we use?

Right from the outset the agent will have to guide you through the process of putting your property on the market starting with Price. Valuation of a property is arguably one of the biggest factors an agent will need to discuss with you as an owner. Price too high and would be buyers may not show interest, too low and you may not achieve the property’s maximum potential.

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Finding the right tenant for your property in the shortest possible time. We understand and perform this process for our valued clients everyday , we really enjoy what we do and would be really excited to be able to do the same for you. We specialise in placing Expatriate Tenants in properties in Mauritius, working with corporates, embassies, consulates, NGO’s and private individuals.

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or contact us so that we can get together to discuss how we can help you.