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Foreign Ownership in Mauritius

Foreign Ownership in Mauritius

Mauritius – Paradise of the Indian Ocean

Foreigners are entitled to buy and own property in Mauritius in any one of the following THREE schemes:

Mauritius is a stable emerging  economy that enjoys a year round tropical climate. Infrastructure improving to a high standard, with modern IT facilities, a healthy political landscape and little crime to speak of.
Mauritius is a financial  trade and global business destination of choice. This well governed democracy won the first annual Ibrahim Index of African  Governance. Mauritius has traditional close links with Europe and is becoming the gateway to India, Africa and Asia. There is a strong drive by  government to attract foreign investment into Mauritius.

Some of the major  benefits include:

  • The favourable tax regime including low personal  and corporate taxes, the absence of inheritance and capital gains taxes as well  as double taxation agreements with 32 countries.
  • A strong offshore banking and financial sector
  • An emerging country with advanced IT and  telecommunication links
  • An ideal location in terms of time zones

Mauritius is an open economy ready to do business with the  rest of the World, growing at over 5% per annum, the economy produces many  opportunities. Legislation promotes residency rights for investors.