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New Motor way bypass for Port Louis

Scenic and time saving – New Motorway from the North

The long awaited new motorway linking the North of the island to Cyber City and the centre was opened on the 4th of December 2013, its been a long time waiting but it certainly was worth the wait. You can link up to the motorway from Calbasse and it takes you straight through to Cyber city just before the Trianon traffic circle, drive time is around 20-25 minutes depending on your driving speed.

[gmap address=”calbasses “]

It isn’t just time saving, it is also very scenic, I was surprised at how different things look from another angle which I had never seen before. The first thing that came to mind was the potential that this road unlocking, literally thousands of acres of land that was previously not accessible or lacked use is now prime real estate. Opportunities to build more residential estates equidistant between the centre and the north are now a reality, office parks and commercial activity can also find new residence along this stretch of infrastructure. The obvious benefit of time saved cannot be overstated, previously one had to contend with bumper to bumper traffic when passing through the bottleneck that is Port Louis, wasting time, fuel, energy etc. This is definitely going to have a profound affect on the economy.

[pullquote]This is definitely going to have a profound affect on the economy.[/pullquote]

We anticipate prices on rental properties in the North of Mauritius to increase, those who previously were restricted on their choices for areas to reside will now have the option to reside in the North and work in the Centre whereas before this was unrealistic.


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