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Mauritius Property Rental Market

The property rental market in Mauritius is changing and growing. These days you can get houses, apartments, studio-flats, or a place in one of the trendy apartment hotels. There are also Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) holiday homes and Real Estate Scheme (RES) villas on offer, or you can rent a unit that has a private owner through the Invest Hotel Scheme. (and soon there will also be PDS – Property Development Schemes)

These last four options: IRS, RES, Invest hotel Properties and PDS are mainly owned by Foreigners who have purchased within Mauritius, you’ll often find them available for rent because the owners have not relocated to Mauritius yet or they have invested to rent out. Some rent them on short term and some rent them out on long term.

But although apartments, studios and units in resorts in Mauritius are growing in popularity, what everybody wants most is a private house, on the beach (very scarce). Getting one isn’t easy.  Demand outstrips supply, rental prices are on the high side and are steadily increasing. Let’s check out the various options available for those who want to rent a home, apartment or an office in Mauritius.

A lot of people prefer living on the coast

The north of the island (Trou aux Biches through to Calodyne) and the West Coast (Tamarin, Black River and Flic en Flac) are very popular with expatriates who want to live by the sea. Both the North and the West Coast boast world class facilities such as private clinics, international schools and shopping centres. Grand Baie in the North is quite the urban trendy little town, a popular tourist magnet with its pubs, nightlife, promenades and beautiful beaches. Black River and Tamarin has beautiful beaches, a family orientated environment with access to outdoor activities and is generally more “Suburban”.

Getting a fully furnished house or apartment

If you’re only going to be in Mauritius for a few years, a fully furnished home or apartment is the most convenient choice. Although rentals are slightly higher than for unfurnished accommodation, you’ll be spared the cost of buying furniture and the expense of storing it, moving it back to your home country or selling it at a loss before you leave. You can get furnished apartments between Rs 20,000 (basic entry level “rustic”) and Rs 150,000 (Penthouse on the beach, modern!)

As an expatriate If you’re hoping to rent a three bedroom house in Mauritius, you’re probably looking at a rentals of Rs 35,000 (entry level, basic), Rs75,000 (middle market, modern with pool garden and international standard of finish) and upper price bracket around Rs 125 000 per month (Contemporary, spacious, pool, international standards, maybe on Security/lifestyle estate). Of course, if you want a villa right on the beachfront, prices get a whole lot higher. If you’re hoping to step from your rented home onto the beach, you’re looking at rental of Rs 80,000 (entry level basic bungalow) to as much as Rs 300,000 a month (modern luxury villa with all expected frills and embellishments).

Renting Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) holiday homes and Real Estate Scheme (RES) villas

These holiday units are often owned by people who only spend part of the year in Mauritius. While they’re away, owners like get some sort of income for their units – rather than just incurring maintenance costs on a residence they aren’t using for much of the year.  Of course, they aren’t around to handle the rentals, so they usually give them to rental agents or property rental pools that manage the properties and finalise transactions with tenants. Again, many are rented out on short term (with a few that sometimes come up for long term rentals)

There’s certainly plenty of demand for these holiday villas. Many owners like to enjoy their holidays here thanks to the great facilities that are offered – and when they’re away, honeymoon couples and other holidaymakers are keen to rent the modern villas. Most of them feature mod-cons like open-plan kitchens, dishwashers, laundry facilities and access to spas and lounge bars. TV and Wi-Fi are pretty standard features in these homes away from home.

Getting Office Space in Mauritius (some areas are cheaper)

A lot of businesses are moving out of Port Louis, choosing to have their offices in outlying areas like Ebene, Highlands and Moka and even areas like Grand Baie and Tamarin are starting to attract office developers (although off a low base).

What to look out for: finding parking in these areas might not be the easiest thing out, so make sure that the office you choose has parking space thrown in. Truth be told, it’s exactly this element that has seen many businesses moving out of the central areas. Everybody needs to park their car, and there are only so many parking spaces available!

Some companies are choosing to rent houses and convert them into office space, this trend is only starting in Mauritius so there are still some deals to be had. It certainly solves the parking issue, and you’re sure of getting a spacious office and maybe even a nice garden for your lunch-break.

Renting Mauritius Property: something for just about everybody

Whether you’re looking for an office, a swanky mansion for your holidays, a cosy villa with all the home comforts or a place to settle for a few years while you’re on a work assignment or contract,  or a snug apartment, you’ll find a wide range of property options for rental in Mauritius. Get a Mauritius property agent to help you to find the most suitable property for you – there’s nothing like a bit of local knowledge!

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