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Avoid these 5 mistakes when renting a property in Mauritius

Renting isn’t as big a step as buying a property, but you still need to be savvy in your approach to the deal. Read on to see whether you’re guilty of one or more of the top five mistakes that millions of people make when closing a rental deal.

1. Not reading the lease agreement

As basic as this mistake may seem, it’s still the top mistake that people make when renting a property in Mauritius – or anywhere else in the world for that matter! Never sign any legal contract without reading the terms and conditions you will be expected to abide by. The agreement is probably pretty standard, but it’s wise to check on factors such as:

·       The duration of the agreement.

·       The due date for payments.

·       Any penalties that will be due if you make a late payment.

·       What deposit you will have to pay.

·       How water and light payments will work.

·       Any special rules applying to pets, guests and subletting.

2. Make sure that you have the relevant insurance policies in place

While the property owner may have insurance on the building, you will still need to insure your household contents and check whether you need some form of liability insurance in case someone is injured on the property. A lot of renters make the mistake of believing that they don’t need any insurance, but if there’s a disaster of some kind, you need to be certain that you’re covered.

3. Not inspecting the property and reporting any damage on moving in

When you move out of your rental property, you will be held liable for any damage that is found. Check with your agent on the required procedure for reporting any damages that you may find on moving in. If you don’t report things like a cracked window or broken tiles, it will be assumed that you are responsible, and you will end up paying for repairs. A good rental agent will help you to inspect the property, and may even spot issues you may not otherwise have noticed!

4. Not checking out the neighbourhood

There are so many beautiful properties to rent in Mauritius that you may be tempted to snap up the first one that looks suitable. But if you’re not a local, you may later discover that you would have preferred to find a home in a different area. You should always view a property before concluding a rental agreement, and you should also be sure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for and that the neighbourhood suits your needs.

5. Going for a ‘private’ deal

Just because someone owns a property, doesn’t mean that they’re qualified to be a good landlord. Tenants are entitled to certain rights, and a good property agent will make sure that you are at least aware of them. Plus, if you have any problems with the property itself, a rental agent will represent your interests and urge the landlord to get things rectified quickly, while a private homeowner by themselves may be difficult to contact or slow to react.

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