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Whats it like Living in Mauritius?

Living in Mauritius Ever wanted to live on a tropical island with beautiful turquoise blue sea water, white sandy beaches, and picturesque palm tree vistas? Well, look no further than Mauritius. However, it is not only a popular island getaway…

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Houses for rent in Mauritius

Interest in moving to Mauritius has been on a steady increase over the last couple years with inquiries on Facebook groups, Rental Pages and Expatriate forums reaching all-time highs. One of the main challenges for those who are considering a…

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What to know when moving to Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful island nation located in Indian Ocean. A part of the African continent, Mauritius is known for its natural beauty, sandy beaches, and turquoise blue waters. Mauritius has emerged as a great destination for investors, having achieved…

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