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Renting with pets: How pet friendly is Mauritius?


The good news for pet owners hoping to rent a house or apartment in Mauritius is that Mauritius is, on the whole, quite a pet-friendly place. All the same, not every property owner is over the moon at the thought of pets moving in with you. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being over-fastidious. A young puppy, for example, can be extremely destructive, dogs and gardens don’t always get on all that well, pet hair and smells are left behind by indoor pets, neighbours complain and so on.

Here are some handy tips for finding pet-friendly rental accommodation in Mauritius:

1. Allow a bit of extra time for house hunting

Because some of the properties you might like won’t allow pets, you may need a little longer to find a place that’s fine for you and your fur-kids. Make sure that your property agent knows that you need a rental that will welcome your pets.

2. Prove that you’re a responsible pet parent

If you and your pets are already living in Mauritius, you can help to overcome some of the concerns your landlord may have by inviting them over to visit. Some pet owners are very irresponsible. They don’t train their pets properly (and that includes house training), don’t control parasites like fleas and allow Fido to bark at all hours of the day and night.

If your prospective landlords can see how good your pets are and how well you look after them, they may be willing to think things over and make allowances. You can also offer to pay a higher deposit. After all, what’s probably worrying them most is that your pets will cause extra damage.

3. Make funds available for thorough cleaning once you move out

Pet hair, smells and the need for fumigation if fleas have begun nesting in carpets are among your landlord’s concerns. If they are reluctant to allow you to move in even though your pets are clearly well looked after and well behaved, they might be willing to re-think if you provide money that isn’t part of your deposit and that’s specifically earmarked for providing a cleaning service after you’ve moved out.

4. Provide proof

If you aren’t in Mauritius yet, you won’t be able to show your landlord your pets and how well your home is looked after despite their presence – but you can ask previous landlords to provide a testimonial.  You can also ask your vet to offer proof that you’re regularly taking care of parasites and that you’re a responsible pet owner. A note from your neighbours could also be in your favour. After all, they wouldn’t provide you with a good pet testimonial if your dog is keeping them awake at night!

5. Never move in with a pet without telling your landlord

It’s a mistake to think that you and your pet will be able to live peacefully if you just sneak them into the home. That’s a recipe for disputes, and it won’t do your peace of mind any good knowing that you might be evicted because you filed to mention that your pets would be moving in.

6. Make sure that your pet’s presence is accepted in your lease agreement

Verbal agreement isn’t enough. Ensure that your lease agreement clearly stipulates that you may keep your pets during the time you are living in your rented home. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

7. Make your pet at home

When pets, especially dogs, are upset, they may become destructive out of anxiety or cry for you while you’re out. Obviously, this won’t get you off to a good a start with your new neighbours, who might complain to your landlord. And nothing makes a landlord more annoyed than having to deal with complaints!

Ideally, someone should be at home most of the time to ensure that your dog doesn’t start entering garbage bins all over the lawn, doesn’t bark incessantly and doesn’t get out into the street. Bored dogs are ‘naughty’ dogs. Consider getting one of the puzzle toys that dog behaviourists say help to keep dogs happily entertained when there’s no-one at home.

8. Know where you can find a good kennel service or dog-sitter

If you don’t find a pet friendly property as fast as you’d like to, it will be useful to know where you can find other accommodation for your pet until you can get settled. It’ll also come in handy if you have to go away for a few days.

9. Chances are you’ll need a house with a garden

As with most places in the world, the rules for condos and complexes in Mauritius often prohibit pets. There are exceptions, but on the whole, it’s usually easier to find a pet friendly house for you and your fur family; and they’ll be happier with a garden to play in too.

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