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Exciting times in the North of Mauritius- Newsletter: 3

The last quarter of the year is here and the festive season is quickly approaching, this year more than those previous there is quite a lot to look forward to in the north of Mauritius. A myriad of new shopping venues, activity/leisure outlets and restaurants have or are about to open.


Even the least observant of our fellow “Northerners” would have noticed the construction frenzy in and around Grand Baie, this will be winding down over the next month inevitably to be replaced by traffic jams as the crowds filter in to explore the new venues.


Besides the new addition to the Super U complex, Circle Square has officially opened with around 34 outlets along with 328 parking bays, Leisure activities such as a driving range and an adventure golf (mini) course with restaurant/pub and Coffee Shop. I am sure I speak for most “golf hackers” out there when I say a proper driving range was sorely needed in the north, rumour has it that there will also be night golf on certain evenings (flood lit)! I hope to find a membership to the range in my Christmas stocking!


Closer to Grand Baie, Mon Choisy Shopping centre has mushroomed out of the ground at a rapid pace and will be opening within the next month or so anchored by South African retailer Pick ‘n Pay, upon looking up their website I found out that they too will have a food court with up to 10 new outlets, a combination of fashion, sports, health and beauty line shops. Their “USP” is probably that they will have a “strip” mall type of layout enabling you to wander directly into each of the shops as opposed to entering a complex then the specific outlet you are looking for, “quick in and out” setup. Another unique feature is a green park or playground for kids under surveillance.  We certainly are not going to be stumped for choice when it comes to supermarkets in the North!


Finally, Grand Baie La Croisette (GBLC) is set to open its doors at the end of October 2012, a large multi-use centre including:


–       Over 100 local and international retails shops

–       Over 25 food outlets

–       5- screen multiplex cinema

–       Central Esplanade hosting regular events

–       A major Wellness Centre

–       Banks

–       Offices

–       Residential Apartments, some with roof top pools (for local and foreign purchase)


It wasn’t too long ago that Grand Baie residents only had Grand Baie Store (now Grand Baie Plaza) on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Store 2000 at their disposal, now in one centre alone there will be over 100 shops, how things have changed!

Personally, I am not a big “shopping centre” fan but I must admit that the thought of having an English cinema, “1st World” supermarkets, proper coffee outlets and a driving range all within 5 minutes drive of my house does get me a little excited – the only time I may have to go through Port Louis is when I am on my way to the airport!


The North is, if it wasn’t already, the place to be in Mauritius! –  Good schools, convenient shopping, beautiful beaches, improved roads and motorways and no lack of activities.


I will, without hesitation, recommend to those who are thinking of moving to Mauritius to choose the north as their new home.


For those of you who are looking for a beach property in the North we have included a few stunning options in this newsletter along with a couple in the surrounding security estates, for more visit our website at: www.mwproperty.mu or log onto our facebook page at: www.facebook.com/mwPropertymauritius.


Until next time…


Yours in Property,


Wes Carlson


Mobile: +230 499 499 7

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